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When You Need a Gladiator to Defend and Protect

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With more than 40 years experience as a Los Angeles lawyer, Mr. Warner is a former law clerk for the Court of Appeals, Third Appellate District, State of California, as well as a former Deputy District Attorney, for the County of Los Angeles. As a seasoned and experienced Los Angeles attorney, Mr. Warner opened his law practice in 1977 and grew today with over 10,000 cases handled. His reputation for his character, honesty and trustworthiness is platinum amongst judges and legal colleagues.

Upon representation of the Law Office of Frederic J. Warner, you will acquire an extensive record of excellent results, hard work, and a very aggressive advocate on your behalf. According to client testimonials, “Mr. Warner is a cut above the rest. He is precise, aggressive, compassionate, experienced and a zealous advocate. Anyone facing criminal charges would be lucky to have the services of this Los Angeles criminal attorney in their corner.”

Mr. Warner has been honored by the Beverly Hills Court, Los Angeles Municipal Courts, Los Angeles County Bar Association, Constitutional Rights Foundation, and by Evell Younger, California Attorney General (Juvenile Justice Conference) and is a member of the United States Supreme Court Bar.

Caring about minors in the
Juvenile Courts throughout California, Mr. Warner is a member of the Juvenile Justice Attorney’s Association and has participated as an effective advocate for juvenile offenders.

Mr. Warner representation and hard work also prevails in
Federal Courts: from San Francisco to San Diego, Mr. Warner has represented clients for drugs, counterfeiting, child pornography, fraud, and robbery among other federal stature violations.