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Practice Area: Criminal Defense

Date: October 2014

Description: Client charged with multiple FELONY SEX CRIMES that requires a “LIFE SENTENCE” and registration as a “SEX OFFENDER” for Life.

Outcome: Original sex crimes dismissed, case reduced to Felony Assault for Probation, Jail time and NO REGISTRATION as a “SEX OFFENDER.”
Practice Area: Criminal Defense

Date: October 29, 2012

Description: 22 year-old client charged in Federal Court (San Diego) with transporting illegal drugs (1.32 kilos of meth) into the United States. Facing 10 years minimum prison time!

Outcome: PLEA TO 37 MONTHS.
Practice Area: Criminal Defense

Date: October 11, 2012

Description: Client charged with V.C. Section 10851 — unlawfully taking and driving away a Rent-a Car. Client kept his rental car for more than 30 days, failed to return the car — without paying or notifying the car agency. Arrested in the rental car with property damage to vehicle.

Practice Area: Criminal Defense

Date: May 14, 2012

Description: Client charged in Los Angeles Federal Court with conspiracy to distribute large amounts (kilos) of cocaine, meth and marijuana. Client had prior criminal convictions for possession and sale of drugs, with previous jail terms on each. Case involved three years of Federal investigation with numerous wiretaps. Client was looking at 15 - 30 years in Federal prison.

Practice Area: Criminal Defense

Date: January 17, 2012

Description: DUI case — client was not driver of vehicle, but police observed client as driver in car stopped in a “no stopping zone,” late at night with female passenger. Alcohol level above legal limit. Four-day jury trial.

Outcome: NOT GUILTY. Verdict in 35 minutes.
Practice Area: Criminal Defense

Date: May 18, 2011

Description: Client charged with ex-felon in possession of firearm. Gun found in client's attached garage. Defense evidence presented at the preliminary hearing. Criminal case dismissed. Judge found Insufficient evidence. Client was on parole at time. Extensive evidence presented at parole violation hearing. Client was granted immediately release from custody.

Outcome: Insufficient Evidence — CASE DISMISSED.
Practice Area: Criminal Defense

Date: June 2, 2010

Description: Client charged with malicious and intentional cruelty to an animal. Client had in self-defense killed a pit bull dog with a shovel to the head and face. After five-day jury trial, jury found client “NOT GUILTY."

Outcome: NOT GUILTY. Five-day jury trial.
People vs M. Perez

Date: June 19, 2008

Description: 38 year-old client charged with multiple counts of transportation and possession for sale of cocaine, cocaine base and meth, along with "personally armed with a firearm" allegation. Drugs and a loaded gun were found in her registered car that she was driving. Client was offered three years in prison. If convicted she would be deported. She resided in the United States for 14 years and was a mother of minor children. Case was dismissed after four-day jury trial.

Outcome: Five Drug Charges — DISMISSED.
People vs Robinson

Date: 2008

Description: Client charged with murder with use of a firearm. Client shot unarmed victim in neck. Victim died on way to hospital. Client was facing 50+ years-to-life in prison with prior convictions with prison terms. Negotiated case to Voluntary Manslaughter for nine years.

People vs Johnny T. (a minor)

Date: 1990

Description: Eleven year-old charged with murder of friend. Shooting a shotgun at the head. Three-day trial. Defense presented experts. Gunshot residue, coroner testimony, firearms expert, crime scene forensic photographer. Coverage by all media TV and newspapers. Acquittal of all charges.

Outcome: NOT GUILTY.
People vs Steven Sullivan

Date: 1987

Description: Client charged with six counts of Grand Theft, six counts of Embezzlement and 30 counts of Securities Violations in bilking 80 year-old woman. Client was stockbroker and embezzled over $1 million worth of stocks and bonds, jewelry, money and valuable property of victim. Grand Theft and Embezzlement charges dismissed for violation of Statute of Limitations. Client plead to Securities violation for three years. Case was characterized as largest fraud case at the time in Riverside County.

People vs Jose Coria

Date: 1986

Description: Client was charged with attempted murder of a Huntington Park Police Officer. Police chase of client ended with 36 shots fired at client. Injured client. Defense presented evidence from Los Angeles Sheriff’s Department investigation of the case. No gun was fired or evidence of a gun found in client’s car. After two-and-a-half week jury trial in Norwalk Superior Court, jury found defendant not guilty of attempted murder and assault on a police officer.

People vs Jose Ramirez

Date: 1982

Description: Client and wife charged with insurance fraud. Wife filed claim with life insurance company for death of Mr. Ramirez drowning in the Philippines. Death reported in newspapers in Manila Bay; US Embassy certified his death. Investigation determined client was alive and was found paying speeding ticket in Pasadena Court. L.A. District Attorney’s Office filed criminal fraud charges. Wife and client received more than $28,000 from life insurance policy and requested another $100,000 from another life insurance company. Case dismissed at preliminary hearing. Attempted Grand Theft, Grand Theft, and filing a false insurance claim was dismissed.